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using GIT behind proxy

GIT is another software used for version control as SVN or CVS. Today when I was at gym Shreyank requested me to find out a possible solution for using GIT as he saw what I had posted earlier to use SVN and Pidgin. He was really very happy to see Pidgin working.

I came back then I thought I should give it a try too. I visited the LDTP site. There I saw a link for using git behind proxy. I dont know how it worked for me. I simply noticed that there was a simple change of protocols while using proxy, git:// was changed to http://.This is what I used to download the source of LDTP

$git clone

I tried and bang! it was working for me. I had done only the usual proxy setting form yast, it sets up the http_proxy Environment variable. Check if it is set for you.

$echo $http_proxy

If the output is not “″ then the proxy setting is not done for you. Do this

$export http_proxy=””

It should work for you also.

Cheers 🙂


Comments on: "using GIT behind proxy" (17)

  1. Thanks for the information. Your blog is added to your bookmarks. Develop.
    Your reader.

  2. Your guide will not work in 2 cases

    a)If the repo has no webview enabled.. ie. NO HTTP
    b)If the proxy blocks the port used by git like ours does 🙂

  3. Thanks Roshan, exporting the env variable “http_proxy” worked for me 🙂

  4. Thank you very much!

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  6. Clearly as Karthik mentioned, your solution wouldn’t work if there is no web view of the repo through http protocol.

  7. @Karthik was right ..

    i can use git here .. 😦

  8. git honors the http_proxy env variable and allows to connect via it. if the proxy blocks ports other than 80 (www), you might have success with the git HTTP protocol (if the server has that setup).

  9. Zubin Mithra said:

    git can use 3 protocols ; http, git or ssh. outgoing http traffic is not blocked by most proxy servers, thats why it worked.

  10. Export of http_proxy works, but only if no user authentication is required. What to do if user authentication is required on my proxy server??

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  12. There is a typo in the article:

    “””If the output is not “http;//″ then the proxy setting is not done for you. Do this”””

    http;// should be http://

  13. Arun Abraham said:

    Thanks a lot… this helped me a lot while i was using this script ( to install scipy… 🙂

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