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My name is Roshan Kumar Singh. I studied at National Institute of  Technology, Durgapur, India , and currently work for Zynga Game Networks.

I have always wanted to be different to the general people. So I started using Linux back in summer vacation of my first year (May, 2007). But due to poor internet connection in my hostel could not do much till the next year i.e 2008. That was the year which changed my life so much. Thanks to the GNU/Linux Users’ Group and my seniors who were really helpful to me. Now I dont think just about using Linux or FOSS  but also contributing to it.

I had also worked on Evolution and fixed a bug, other patches did not get accepted. I had also developed (along with others) a judge for an online coding competition called codecracker.

I maintain two open source projects namely opendchub for file sharing and GScribble for a desktop client for publishing posts on wordpress.

I am also a approved fedora packager. I maintain three packages in Fedora.

That is all that I could tell you about me. You can reach me at


Comments on: "About" (9)

  1. Shailesh said:

    hey man
    awesome website..
    u have really good potential to develop it into something topclass

    one suggestion though
    have some provision for writers in your websi
    if u have 2 or 3 writers..u will have lot of contributions.
    I will also be happy to contribute to this blog.

  2. Good Blog !!
    keep it up …

  3. Great site dude!

    Your blog on pidgin behind proxy helped me get going!

    I would sometime share my own linux hacks with you when I get the time (got semester exams going now ;)).

    BTW, I have bookmarked this site for future references.

  4. Mukundan AP said:

    Hey Roshan,

    Did u study in KGF

  5. Blog feed?
    I cant get/find a rss/atom feed for this blog?

  6. vipulkumar7 said:

    Thank’s for sharing a nice experiance 🙂

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