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My 2x estimation rule

Estimation is an important part of software development and its incredibly difficult to make correct estimation. Over the time, I have realized that on most occasions my estimates were very aggressive despite keeping some buffer time.

Then one day I decided to try out something new. I divided the feature in small tasks and then made best case estimates. Then I added all the individual estimates and multiplied it by two.

This has worked pretty well for me. Still sometimes I run out of time and have to work late night 🙂

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Mutex Vs Semaphore

The title seemed to bug me a lot, until today when i found a really good explanation. If you google for the difference between Mutex and Semaphore you will see in most of the places it is mentioned that mutex is a binary semaphore.

But mutex is not actually a binary semaphore.

See these links to understand the difference:

Coin Denomination Problem

Coin denomination problem is a very common question asked in interviews. It involves Greedy Approach, Dynamic Programming and Recursion. You may find a lot of stuff on the internet if you just google out “Coin denomination problem”.

A link that was really helpful for me to analyse the problem is

Some other helpful text to recollect things can be found here.

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