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My first bug fix is now accepted !

It gives me immense pleasure to declare that my first bug fix is now accepted and available in the svn.It was committed to the trunk long back and I was waiting for it to become publicly available. Now it is available 🙂

You can see my name in the Changelog.

i have fixed one more and am waiting for its approval. Hope it turns out positively.


Fixed one more

Finally I have moved past the difficult time 🙂 and have fixed another bug . Added some general checks to validate the email id and phone number. This one was easy. It gave me some opportunity to work with “GLib” which can be used simply like the general int,chars etc and it has various added features. I have also understood how to use doc packages now.

Devhelp is a packeges which help you to use these doc packages which contain the various documentations. They are really very helpful. One can get all sorts of information there. A must for developers !!

BUG # 1 I fixed a bug on EVOLUTION (yes!)

Yesterday after sitting continuously for 7 hours i was able to fix a bug on Evoltion. Was easy though, but I had no idea where to start. #evolution and #nosip (jony) ( IRC CHATROOMS ON Gimpnet) were very helpful. This was the bug .

I was searching everywhere for glade files everywhere as we (SDU ppl on NITDGP LUG ) did in DC++. Finally on #evolution somebody told that evo does not use glade for creating GUI rather it used libbonobo which used some xml ( which i had ignored till now) files to create GUI. I thank that man for this help.

Then I used grep and then I finally found the location and guess what i had to add only accel=”*Contol**Shift*a” to add a keyboard shortcut to a menu item like Control+C is used for Copy. AND THAT WAS ALL. YIPPY !!! I had just fixed a bug.

So now you can guess how easy it can be.

Now i plan to read Gtk+ and Libbonobo in detail.

So if you have not started till now start today and believe me you cant imagine the kind of thrill and pleasure it gives after doing something. After all you have something you can boast about 🙂 .

Finally installed EVOLUTION on openSUSE 10.3 from SVN

It has been a painful experience downloading and installing EVOLUTION. Huh! due to my GPRS connection which is very slow it took me a long time to download it also i had to begin from starting for two times as my modem hung.

Later, I did not know that for installing these things we need to install the devel packages of the various dependencies. Then I was not able to get the required version of the dependencies. So I am giving here the best repository for openSUSE 10.3 which I found out from Webpin. opensuse evolution unstable reository.

Also dont try to use tar ball use rpms from any possible source to meet the dependency.

More over I got kicked in #evolution on Gimpnet because I did not know what a pastebin was. So I must tell that in case you need to put a long text or paste then use pastebin and send the link on IRC
Moreover later i found out that mozilla-nspr and mozilla-nspr and mozilla-nss for evolution data server and then it was done.


Best of luck when you do this !!