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Using SVN and Pidgin via(or behind) proxy

As our college has installed new proxy server, it has become difficult for people to use Linux. So I spent some time and then found out ways to resolve some problems.

SVN can be easily configured to work behind proxy. In your home directory search for the .subversion directory. If the directory does not exist, open a terminal type svn and hit enter the default configuration files will be created. As the name suggests it is a hidden directory. Inside it and there is a file name “servers”. All the proxy settings can be done here. Now notice the string “[global]”  which is at the last. Here you can do the necessary changes. Remove the hash “#” in front of http-proxy-host and http-proxy-port and align it to left, I mean delete any space because it looks for the settings from the first column. Now add the and 3128 port no. After editing it should look like this


## leave the lines above it untouched, it is always better to back up a configuration file before editing

# http-proxy-exceptions = *,
http-proxy-host =
http-proxy-port = 3128
# http-proxy-username = defaultusername
# http-proxy-password = defaultpassword
# http-compression = no
# http-auth-types = basic;digest;negotiate
# No http-timeout, so just use the builtin default.
# No neon-debug-mask, so neon debugging is disabled.
# ssl-authority-files = /path/to/CAcert.pem;/path/to/CAcert2.pem

Now it is done. Check if it works, it worked for me. If it still doesnot work set the http_proxy variable.

$export http_proxy=

Now check it.

$echo $http_proxy

It should show ‘’ .

Pidgin can be very easily configured for GTalk likewise,

Go to manage accounts, and select the account then go to the advanced tab. Check “Force old (port 5223) SSL. Then change the Connect port to 443. Now go to proxy options and then select HTTP and then set Host as and port as 3128. You are now done. Enjoy. 🙂


Finally installed EVOLUTION on openSUSE 10.3 from SVN

It has been a painful experience downloading and installing EVOLUTION. Huh! due to my GPRS connection which is very slow it took me a long time to download it also i had to begin from starting for two times as my modem hung.

Later, I did not know that for installing these things we need to install the devel packages of the various dependencies. Then I was not able to get the required version of the dependencies. So I am giving here the best repository for openSUSE 10.3 which I found out from Webpin. opensuse evolution unstable reository.

Also dont try to use tar ball use rpms from any possible source to meet the dependency.

More over I got kicked in #evolution on Gimpnet because I did not know what a pastebin was. So I must tell that in case you need to put a long text or paste then use pastebin and send the link on IRC
Moreover later i found out that mozilla-nspr and mozilla-nspr and mozilla-nss for evolution data server and then it was done.


Best of luck when you do this !!