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Finally installed EVOLUTION on openSUSE 10.3 from SVN

It has been a painful experience downloading and installing EVOLUTION. Huh! due to my GPRS connection which is very slow it took me a long time to download it also i had to begin from starting for two times as my modem hung.

Later, I did not know that for installing these things we need to install the devel packages of the various dependencies. Then I was not able to get the required version of the dependencies. So I am giving here the best repository for openSUSE 10.3 which I found out from Webpin. opensuse evolution unstable reository.

Also dont try to use tar ball use rpms from any possible source to meet the dependency.

More over I got kicked in #evolution on Gimpnet because I did not know what a pastebin was. So I must tell that in case you need to put a long text or paste then use pastebin and send the link on IRC
Moreover later i found out that mozilla-nspr and mozilla-nspr and mozilla-nss for evolution data server and then it was done.


Best of luck when you do this !!